Virtual Try-on Experience for Any Clothing and Any Person

Outfit Anyone AI: Step By Step Guide

1. Select Model:

Begin by selecting a model from the provided options. Please note that the models are fixed and cannot be uploaded or modified. However, you have the flexibility to upload your own garments for try-on.

2. Select Top Garment:

Next, choose the top garment you’d like to try on. You have the option to select from the available demo garments or upload your own top garment for a personalized virtual try-on experience.

3. Select Lower Garment:

Similarly, select the lower garment of your choice. You can either pick from the demo selection or upload your own lower garment to complete your outfit.

4. Click on Run:

Once you’ve made your model and garment selections, click on the “Run” button. This initiates the virtual try-on process, where “Outfit Anyone AI” will generate the result based on your choices.

5. Download the Result:

After the process is complete, you will be presented with the result of your virtual try-on. You can then proceed to download the result, which showcases how the selected garments look on the chosen model or image.

By following these simple steps, you can explore different fashion combinations and experiment with various garments using “Outfit Anyone AI.”